An Overview of new preferences in content marketing

Content marketing is not the same as it used to be some few years back. With consumer preferences especially of Millennial (Age group of 18-34) changing quite rapidly it is important to have the data on content consumption preferences of these millennial populations. 

For example there is a great penchant towards social and mobile content from this group (millennial) resulting in for marketers working across various industry sectors.

The content marketing preferences over these few years has changed remarkably especially among different age group. 

With the mobile/smart phones forming an integral part of modern life, it is found that consumers are not just using their mobile phones to browse the internet when they are commuting but also during their everyday activities such as before sleeping, after waking and even when they are taking a bath.

It is estimated that about 70% of people in the age group of 18 to 24 use mobile phones before going to sleep, after waking up or when they go for a bath. 

This means that content marketers should plan their content marketing strategies using mobile phones as a platform. 

While accessing the content younger consumers are using Face book to get content while the older generation or groups are accessing content via publication websites, mobile notifications and email newsletters.

When in terms of format preferences young respondents are inclined towards social and video content whereas other age groups prefer more on news articles, research reports and email content. 

Millennial population prefers to see more videos from brands they support and wish to see less emails or are not interested in branded emails. With millennial getting older there would be a shift towards their content consumption preferences.

An Overview of Some Best Content Marketing Strategies for 2018

Content marketing strategy is found to be effective in increasing revenue by 83% of marketers as per the report of the Content Marketing Institute. 

Cisco (A Multinational technology conglomerate) estimates that visual content will account for 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2021. As of now about 74% of the internet usage is being covered by videos with life streaming on demand. 

Content marketing strategies or methods have capability of converting six times more leads than any other marketing methods.  

Here are some of the key content marketing strategies for 2018 for your small businesses 

Mobile First Strategy

Websites are now accessible on mobile with 53% of global users accessing the internet on mobile. Therefore, the time has come for content marketers to focus their strategy on mobile users and add desktop functionality. 

About 80% of social media time is being spent on mobile with the millennial population are glued to their mobile phones and they will not recommend a business with poorly designed mobile site.

Prepare for new platforms

Chat bots are emerging as a new platform for increasing brand loyalty, engagement and in understanding the consumer behavior and even conversion rates all of which are important for successful content marketing.  

In 2017 messaging platforms have social media usage with more than 2.4 billion people active on Face book Messenger and Whats App on a monthly basis.

Be more creative and personal with your content

Visual content ruled the roost during 2017 and will continue to be a leading factor in content marketing success. However it is recommended to go live with raw content on Face book, Instagram and YouTube. 

Consumers are more interested in purchasing their products and services from a brand they know and that is why about 61% of marketers are planning to use Face book live and Periscope. 

In case of other types of content focus should be on original content that is personalized to users and helps in communicating their emotions.

Finally, it should be noted that marketers have to adjust their content marketing strategies according to the way consumers buy, sell and consume the products/services. 

In 2018, interactive visual content, chat bots, rationalization and storytelling is expected to be good content marketing strategies to succeed in expanding your businesses.

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